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Kifco offers a wide range of pump options to accomodate our Water-Reels.  Our Booster Pumps provide additional pressure when needed to maximize your traveler's performance.  Our small primary pumps and medium primary pumps are air-cooled and engine driven and built to match many B-Series and Ag-Rain Reels.  Kifco packages are EPA emissions compliant for irrigation use and our standard models are specifically sized to match our Water-Reels.  Custom built packages are also available for most any application.   Our  Slurry and Waste-Water Pumps  are custom built packages that can be ordered for most any application.  They are single-stage, centrifugal pumps with mechanical seals and integrated gearboxes.  Our  PTO Pumps  are driven from your tractor's PTO shaft with maximum output of 540 to 1000 rpms.  They are offered as bare pumps, mounted on a cart or 3-point frame or can be ordered fully fitted.  Lastly, our  Large Primary Pumps  are a primary pump & engine combination mounted on a rugged galvanized frame and are self-contained.  

booster pumps small primary pumps medium primary pumps

Booster Pumps Small Primary Pumps Medium Primary Pumps

large primary pumps pto pumps slurry pumps aka wastewater pumps

Large Primary Pumps PTO Pumps                                   Slurry Pumps

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